My Confession

Nature : Very frank, straight forward person.
Ambition : To prove myself the best at my work
Favourite colour : Sky blue
Favourite dish (makanan) : Gulaab Jaamun, Masala Chicken...
Favourite Actor : Hey guys, why should I favour an actor ??
Favourite Actress :

Priya Gill

Favourite Singers : Lata Mangeshkar and Kumar Shanu
Favourite Sportman : Of course Sachin yaar...
I Like : Frankness
I hate : Back-stabbing, soliciting, gossiping
I have Friends : Lots and lots..I love to make Friends..
I have Enemies : Without enemy, one can't feel the Friendship.... Yes I do have lots of
    enemies... I like to have them..
I respect : My Father and mother... yes we must respect our parents.. But, for me
    my Parents are most respectable..
My Belief : In my belief, God does the form of energy which run all this
    show. We named this energy differently. I dont believe in Palmistry.
Life is : Life is struggle.... Dare to Live man...
Love is : Never had that experience.....Don't you believe? ..It's true!!!

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