If emotions are so easily seen by those who care ...
Can you see me ... waiting here?
Have all the dreams we shared been here and gone?
Or have glimpses of our love been left in a song?

Sometimes it seems the only thing I can do is wait ...
For the pain or the freedom -- the answer to fate.
An absolute silence from you only brings ...
A mellowing sensation -- like musical strings.

As a lone tear falls from its place ...
I wait here still, while the anguish I face.
Yet the sound of the music seems to ease my pain ...
With its forte and brass and symphonic reign.

Did I walk too slow?
Or, did you go too fast?
I can only hope ...
This wait won't last.

I will promise to keep waiting.
I've cast my soul to the sea.
But the days now seem endless ...
Til you come back to me!

~By Darle~
Copyright 1998

"The Waiting" by Jonathon Earl Bowser

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