I was born and brought up in a town Bhusawal, Maharashtra state, India. Bhusawal is about 500 Km North-East to Mumbai, the financial capital of India
I had very normal childhood in Bhusawal with my parents, brothers and sisters.
I did my Schooling in St. Alloysis High School, Bhusawal. It is supposedly the number one School in the town. I graduated with B.Sc. in Chemistry from P.O. Nahata College, Bhusawal. It was a reputed College among all affiliated to Pune University then. After B.Sc., I went to UDCT, Mumbai to pursue B.Sc.[Tech] in Plastic Technolgy. I had a strong desire to learn more about Polymers when I was doing B.Sc. I was very fortunate to get into UDCT.
At present I am in Singapore, completed Master of Engineering degree by Research at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
I am working at Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), Singapore. Similar to UDCT, IMRE has its own image in Material Research in Singapore.
I am married to a beautiful lady on earth, Saroj. My wife, Saroj is from very nice family at Jalgaon. Although she is a commerce graduate she and I prefer her to be a housewife. Thus she takes care of the family front and all household responsibility, and she is an excellent cook.

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"My Hobbies"

Cricket : I love Cricket. One could compare myself and Sachin Tendulkar. I am not kidding... we two have many similarities. Like, both are Maharashtrian, both speak Marathi, we both are Right-handed Batsman, and yeah we both are human beings. Only difference is that I do not hold World records as he do.
Bowling : I thing I am better off in Bowling too. Winning First prize two times and a second prize would tell the story.
Badminton : Badminton is a very good sport and I am learning to be good at it.
Swimming : Well, at least I can float in Water until I get Life Guards to save me...
Singing : Don't you believe? If I were not a Researcher, I would be a Singer
Music : Since I am not a singer, I do like to listen others sing
Riding Bike : Hmnnnn...This is what I miss here in Singapore, I am very much found of bikes
Travelling : I do like to travel. It's a fun visiting places

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